Caring for over 10,000 children...
... in over 300 nurseries...
... providing resources, practitioner training and support.
  • Caring for over 10,000 children...
  • ... in over 300 nurseries...
  • ... providing resources, practitioner training and support.

An Introduction to The Auntie Foundation

Auntie is a ‘non-profit’ organization, working with the Childcare Sector in the UK and Ireland, that invests in projects in South African ‘townships’ to improve the lives of the most vulnerable young children living in extreme poverty and danger - helping to create self-sufficiency via the provision of sustainable ‘pre-school’ childcare.

Auntie supports the training and development of childcare practitioners in South Africa, and helps to build and run Pre-Schools in the poorest South African township communities, which we believe is the most vital element in helping desperate families to support themselves.

At the same time Auntie creates opportunities for nursery practitioners in the UK and Ireland to engage with these projects – either as fundraisers, or by ‘twinning’ their nurseries with Pre-Schools in South African townships, or even visiting the projects themselves …. bringing practitioners and children from both continents closer together.

Our aim is to capitalize on the enthusiasm of the ‘Childcare’ community in the UK and Ireland to fundraise and support vulnerable children. We aim to engage people involved in childcare in our work in South Africa, providing opportunities to be directly involved in our projects there and to contribute to them, and in doing so, create fantastic opportunities for personal development and ‘life changing’ experiences.

Research into early childhood development shows that a good start in life is critical to the physical, intellectual and emotional development of children and that poverty in early childhood can become a handicap for life.

Rather than simply provide ‘charitable aid’ to support township communities’ childcare needs (which would leave these communities with an ongoing dependency), we contribute to a model that will become self-financing and therefore sustainable - and can be replicated and ‘rolled out’ on a large scale.

In summary, our objectives are:
- to establish a project model that introduces training and support for ‘pre-school’ practitioners, helping them to significantly raise the quality of childcare proved
- providing funding and support to build pre-schools; or extend or refurbish existing ‘pre-schools’; or provide resources and equipment to ‘pre-schools’
- to assist township ‘pre-schools’ in meeting the strict standards and conditions required to register with Government, and in doing so become eligible for on-going government financial assistance (the key to sustainability) ensuring that the projects that we contribute towards are sustainable and ‘owned’ by the local communities they serve
- to create a high level of engagement of a wide network of fundraisers via the Childcare Sector in the UK and Ireland, with a strong sense of purpose and community
- to invest funds raised directly into Aunties projects, ensuring that every penny raised goes into these projects (with any other costs covered by Gift Aid)
- to provide unprecedented opportunity for UK child carers to gain valuable experience in the communities we help to build, to learn from them and share experiences while improving the quality of childcare in South Africa
- and ultimately to ensure that the children in the communities that we help to serve are safe, fed, and attend pre-school, avoiding the social, moral and health dangers currently faced by the majority of children (a consequence of alcoholism, drugs, HIV/AIDS, violent and sexual crime) and emerge with an education and a positive future.

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