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Twinning Nurseries In The UK And Ireland With Pre-Schools In South Africa

For nursery settings that are particularly enthusiastic about Auntie's projects, and about the importance of introducing children to other cultures and communities, and for settings that are prepared to make a long term commitment to it, we aim to establish a ‘twinning’ programme, via which settings in the UK and Ireland can formally ‘twin’ and support their own ‘pre-school’ in South Africa.

This will create long term funding stability for the South African setting (as the UK setting commits to long term fundraising for them), but also provides an opportunity for the manager and staff here to get to know their peers in South Africa, better understand the issues they face, exchange and most importantly involve the children in the project.

Twinning can be expensive and difficult. Language skills in South African ‘pre-schools’ can be poor, access to email is limited, and effective correspondence can be difficult to maintain. The relationship can be of great value, but it takes commitment and investment.

If you or your setting would like to discuss the opportunity and the commitment involved, please get in touch.  

Visit Our Projects In South Africa

An important element of our work is to create links between carers, fundraisers and sponsors in nurseries and crèches here in the UK, and Ikamva and their projects in South Africa. Whilst many nursery groups and individual nurseries have got involved with fundraising, others have organised visits to the projects in South Africa and accessed volunteering opportunities.

For example, Auntie have organised accompanied visits for large numbers of staff from nursery groups such as ‘Childbase Nurseries’ and ‘All About Children’, and encouraged them to develop their own relationships with Ikamva and adopt their own projects in South Africa, and they have gone on to have valuable, longstanding relationships with Ikamva and provided huge fundraising support.

If you would like more information on this opportunity, or have ideas on how you or your nursery colleagues would like to get involved, then please get in touch. And if you’d like to find out more, and get a feel for what these visits entail, you can watch this video of the latest visit to South Africa by All About Children staff.


The other way that you can get involved of course, is to donate to our projects, or organise a fundraising event. If you would like to do either, you can make a donation or forward the proceeds of your fundraising via our Donations page.

We’re extremely grateful to anyone for whatever support they can offer. Please get in touch if we can help you with fundraising. We promise to invest your donation carefully.

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