Mar 20, 2015

Why we’ve been partnering with IKAMVA LABANTU in South Africa since 2010

In order to ensure that the funds we raise are invested as effectively as possible, we partner with ‘non-profit’ organisation Ikamva Labantu ( in South Africa.  This means that we can concentrate on what we do best – raising money here in the UK and Ireland, supporting settings here, and creating new relationships between fundraisers here and project partners there.

Ikamva ‘live and breathe’ in the heart of their communities, they understand those communities, and importantly they’re trusted by those communities. Whilst it would be exciting to adopt and support those projects that we come across that we think need supporting and we think are most needed, the fact is that we aren’t the best judge of that (far from it). Ikamva are the guys who really understand the needs of communities, and who have 50 years’ experience of delivering projects that meet those needs, and ensuring that projects are adopted and ‘owned’ by the communities they serve.

Ikamva Labantu (which means “the heart of our nation”) traces its roots back to the days of apartheid, when Helen Lieberman started working with women in the poverty stricken townships around Cape Town. Today they have grown into a large movement – an umbrella body with a network of over 1000 projects, working and assisting various sectors of the population….children, young people, families, seniors and the physically challenged.

These projects are all ‘owned’ by community representatives, ensuring the greatest likelihood that they will succeed in their aim of alleviating extreme poverty through building sustainable communities.

Helen continues to support this work. She remains a volunteer (as she has been since the outset) – overseeing and supporting Ikamva in their work. She introduces Ikamva in this short film.