Our Commitment To Use Your Money Wisely

The efficient and effective use of money donated to Auntie is important to us. It’s a privilege to receive donations and we take our responsibility to make every penny go as far as possible very seriously. We don’t spend any money on administration or marketing, and we don’t employ anyone (we rely on volunteers). That means that we can pledge to invest every penny donated directly into the projects that we support in South Africa.

We claim Gift Aid whenever we can (and ask that if you’re donating to us you help us make a Gift Aid claim if you’re a UK tax payer) – which makes us even more efficient, and via Ikamva we ensure that the implementation of our projects is as ‘cost effective’ as possible (and a lot can be achieved in South Africa with a small amount of money).

As examples, we are able to train ‘pre-school’ owners and practitioners to deliver a high standard of care over 2 years, with the benefit of classroom training and ‘field based support’ back in their ‘pre-schools’ to ensure the successful delivery of this training, for just £1500 per practitioner. These practitioners will impact the lives of many thousands of vulnerable children in a meaningful way over many years, and many start with the most basic level of education and little childcare knowledge or experience.

And we are able to build and equip a brand new ‘pre-school’ that will stand and provide care for over 100 children for decades to come for around £25,000.

We do this by working tirelessly on cost and efficiency – and applying business principles.    
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