Where Your Money Goes

We work exclusively with a key ‘non-profit’ partner in South Africa – Ikamva Labantu (www.ikamva.org.za) - a very well established and respected organization through whom the projects that we support are implemented.
‘Ikamva’ have been established in the Western Province of South Africa since 1964, helping hundreds of thousands of people in need through a network of hundreds of ‘pre-schools’, ‘Seniors Centres’, foster homes for HIV/Aids orphans and vulnerable children, and health centres.

Auntie works in partnership with Ikamva Labantu on ‘Early Years’ projects in order to capitalize on Ikamva’s understanding of the communities that they serve, the trust and deep roots that they have built in these communities, and their experience and knowhow in implementing ‘Early Years’ projects. This ensures that the projects undertaken are those that are of greatest importance to the community, and needed by members of the community.

We value their longstanding experience in practical matters such as overseeing or directly implementing building works, developing and implementing training and support programmes for a wide range of beneficiaries, employing ‘community field workers’ (predominantly social workers), occupational therapists, nurses and teams of volunteers, as well as accessing medical and training volunteers, as well as their outstanding record of governance.  

Focusing on maintaining community ownership, Ikamva Labantu’s primary aim is to “develop self-reliant and sustainable community-based organizations to facilitate positive social change”, and Auntie’s contribution is to help fund desperately needed ‘pre-schools’ and childcare training for the practitioners that run or work in them.  

For a better understanding of the work that Ikamva Labantu do, and a brief look at the environment in which they work, here is a short video, introduced by Helen Lieberman - Ikamva's founder - 
'Giving Hope To South African Township Communities'.

For more information about Ikamva, please visit their website www.ikamva.org.za
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